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What if I need surgery while taking dabigatran (Pradaxa)?


The surgeon will assess the risk of bleeding for the type of surgery planned. If you are only having a minor procedure you may not need to discontinue dabigatran.

If dabigatran does need to be stopped it is important that you are told when to stop treatment well in advance. There is no quick way to reverse the effects of dabigatran. If you turn up for elective surgery and you are still taking dabigatran your surgery may have to be delayed.

How long before surgery should I stop treatment?

Dabigatran is cleared from the circulation through the kidneys, so the surgeon will need to check your kidney function before giving advice about when to stop. If your kidney function is normal you will need to stop dabigatran about 24 hours before surgery for most procedures. If the surgery has a high risk of you may be asked to stop for 2 to 4 days before surgery.

If your kidney function is reduced you will be asked to stop for a longer period (more than 4 days) depending on the severity of your kidney problem.

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Paul H.
Paul H.
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